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Proven Ways To Make Money Online

Over the years, the Internet has been making individuals become millionaires by making money online. These individuals may or may not even have knowledge about programming. They have just put what they do or their passions online and have attracted a lot of attention from the public who are in need of what they are offering.


There are so many ways to do this and today you are going to see proven ways you can also start just by doing these few tasks.


Money Online

Money Online

A video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog. From entertainment videos, comedy, showing cooking tips, or video singing bird and a cat staring, people have made money online through video sites such as youtube etc. Just by uploading these videos for the public to see, you can monetize for advertising companies to show ads on your channel. You make money through impressions and clicks.


You can create a free blog on and and write about interesting topics and share to the world. The more you write, you can attract more individuals to your blog. This will help you monetize the blog effectively by subscribing to advertising companies online.

Reviewing Apps 

There are many companies out there online looking for individuals to test their apps which they are about to launch. You can enroll to any of these app testing companies to help them review their apps.

Social Media Manager

It will amaze you that if you know your way around facebook, twitter, and Instagram very much, you can be applying for jobs such as managing social media accounts of individuals like celebs or even companies.

Online Surveys

Take a test to help companies in the surveys being organized to know a lot about their market and customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Sign up to Amazon Affiliate, Ebay Affiliate etc to help sell products being listed on these shops. You will earn a commission on all transactions that you refer.


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by Eben Blanks

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