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All You Need To Know About Google’s Desktop Backup

If you been wishing to have your whole PC backed up so it can be accessed anywhere, then you wish has come through with Google’s Desktop Backup. Google, today released its desktop backup app which enables users to fully store their entire documents on their desktop to a cloud service.

This backup syncs the entire PC desktop, so there is no need to upload files to a drive. The service will let you back up entire folders from your hard drive, and keep them in sync with your account.

Now the question here is this the only company doing such a service? and is it free?  NO there are other companies having SYNC & BACKUP apps like Backblaze which less expensive than Google’s Automatical backup and sync desktop app which give users 15GB of space for free. 1TB of space will set you back by $100 a year.

The catch here is, who do you trust most with your data in its cloud service. Google will use this competitive advantage to sell its service to the world.

Since its launch, many people are skeptical about the success of this service Google wants to run. Their main concern is about the pricing and hopefully, if Google can reduce it by a 30%, people will jump onto this service.







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